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So, What's it all about?

We were sick and tired of hearing the same thing at every business event. We were tired of stuffy networking, insincere business card swaps, and hearing sales pitches from gloating speakers. We wanted something different. We wanted to be inspired - and we know you do too!

At Cereal Entrepreneurs, breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so we make sure to serve ours with a healthy dose of inspiration, and a generous dollop of dreaming big. 

Cereal Entrepreneurs combines real business insights with creativity and inspiration, so everyone can feel motivated and supported on their crazy entrepreneurial journeys - whether you're a small startup or big-time CEO. 

Our speakers have real success stories, and more importantly, they're real people, willing to share their secrets and strategies with you.  

Every event is different, to bring you the most relevant tools and tricks for your business. Whether you're big or small, we believe that business and creativity go together like peanut butter and jelly, and with each other, anything is possible.

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international women's day

On International Women's Day, we hosted an event at the stunning Queen Victoria Building to celebrate Mummypreneurs. Featuring Kirsten Walker, co-founder of the family-run business Palm Beach Collection and Emma Thomson from Mums Empowered and The Love Me Mission, we chatted about what it means to be a mum in business, while our very own Tara Shelton was in her 3rd trimester!

You can read more about Emma here...



For this edition of Cereal Entrepreneurs, we sat down with Aaron Brooks, co-founder of VAMP and Jess Ruhfus, founder of Collabosaurus to talk all about the power of collaboration, creating strategic partnerships and leveraging social influencers to build our businesses.

You can read about Jess here...


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